The Branded Currency Revolution

Branded Currency

Amilon envisions a future for retailers where gift cards, loyalty points and coupons will converge into Branded Currency: a unique currency for each brand.

Today the global economy offers many chances to turn a final purchase, even a small one, into an opportunity to receive and use discounts, offers and promotions, through the collection of coupons, loyalty points, and gift cards.

However, all these opportunities are often given to consumers in a dispersed and fragmented way, both in paper form and/or by electronic means.

This inefficiency represents a loss of value for consumers as well as – and mainly – for retailers, which would miss the opportunity to fully leverage the synergy among all the touchpoints, in terms of customer experience, engagement and insights.

Can we make the most of all this added value? And how?

Branded Currency is the answer. Run your own project with Amilon.