Create your omnichannel Gift Card program

Create your omnichannel Gift Card program

Develop a perfect omnichannel Gift Card program through our own technology and exploit all the advantages we offer for your business:

  • Positive Cash flow: you will cash in the Gift Card’s money before the customer even used them
  • Positive Uplift: 60% of customers who use their Gift Cards spend on average 30% on top of their Gift Cards’ value
  • No redemption rate: there is usually a small percentage of customers that will let the gift card expire without using it. This is pure cash for retailers!
  • Positive economics: higher PCII and PCIII for Gift Card’s customers, higher customer acquisition and retention rate

Our platform Gift Card Manager handles sales, redemption, offsetting and reporting of Gift Cards, both in store and online.

We provide a complete, simple solution usable via web-browser or API connection.

We are active on a network of over 10,000 stores of well-known brands, with minimal set-up times and the utmost reliability.

Gift Card Manager

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